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We are a licensed, insured and female-owned dog walking company serving pets throughout the Portland, Oregon metro area. Founded in 2014 by owner, Alison Prehoda, Walk A Poochie started after Alison voluntarily left her corporate job and began to walk a couple of dogs in her northwest Portland apartment complex. Within a few months,  Alison's clientele quickly grew and, after noticing a lack of quality dog walking businesses in the area, decided to create her own company that would provide a superior dog walking experience for both dogs and their families. Over the next couple years, Walk A Poochie expanded from Prehoda as the sole dog walker and only a handful of clients to now several walkers and over 70 pups across the Portland metro area.


A love of dogs is at the heart of who we are at Walk A Poochie. We know your pets are your family members and that’s why we put love, care and quality into what we do. We want to be the best part of your pup’s day. We believe time in the fresh Oregon air not only promotes their health and overall well-being, but also allows them to enjoy everything Portland has to offer - the sights, the smells, the trees, and the parks of the city.


Walk A Poochie was founded with the intention of providing the best dog walking services for families and their pets in northwest Portland. As a small business, we are passionate about creating a community with you and your furry friend by building a supportive relationship with both of you. Our mission is to not only provide quality exercise in the great outdoors for your dog every day, but also assisting you and your pup with whatever you need - everything from reinforcing your dog’s training goals to suggesting outside resources if your pet needs more specialized care or training. 


We look forward to meeting you and your furry family member!



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