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We offer in-home overnights that enable your furry friend to stay in the comforts of their own home while you are away. One of our staff members will feed, exercise, and snuggle your pup. We also offer check-ins for your cat - everything from feeding to giving some extra loving! 


Pricing (Dog):  

-85 a night for one dog  

-90 a night do two dogs            


Pricing (Cat):

-25 dollars for a 30 minute check in



We currently offer four different walk lengths with both individual and pack walk options. After each walk, you will receive a text message that summarizes the service, including the walk time, bowel movements, and any other relevant details. We usually attach a fun picture or video!



-17 dollars for 15 minute walk
-23 dollars for 30 minute walk
-27 dollars for 45 minute walk
-31 dollars for 60 minute walk


*additional dogs 4 dollars per dog

In some cases, Walk A Poochie is able to offer walks longer than 60 minutes. For inquiries, please contact for more information.

Happy weekend every one! Saturday’s are
Carlee says after a long day of walking
Sunday Snuggles!! ._._._._._
What better way to welcome Jasper to the
Bosley and Chloe are loving this beautif
The struggle is real this Thursday morni
Puppuccino is much needed on this Monday
Rain, Rain, Rain ☔️ Gina is happy to be
When you got a little something on your
Ozzy is all smiles for tomorrow is Frida
Morning Vibes!!! 🐶🐶_._._._

Meet and Greets

Prior to the start of any of our pet services, we will have a meet and greet with you and your pet to introduce ourselves and get to know you better. Our owner or manager and at least two of our dog walkers will be there to meet you. We will use this consultation to answer any questions you may have and familiarize you with our scheduling app, Scout for Pet Owners.

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